Wheel of Penalty Sign-Up

The Wheel of Penalty is the ultimate in game show-style yoyo shenanigans. A team spins the wheel to select their penalty, then chooses which of their team members will attempt to yoyo through it.

One team will win, but at what cost?

Spin the wheel, choose your fate!

Competitors will be in teams of 2-4 people. Who do you plan to invite to be on your team? Teams that are more diverse (gender, race, orientation, etc) have a better chance of being chosen!
Who far are you comfortable going for a laugh?(Required)
What do you consider more valuable?(Required)
Who is more important to get a laugh from?(Required)
Write an essay on your qualifications, the exercise of freewill in modern world economies, and man’s role in the universe in 5 words or less.
Compare yo-yoing to something important to you in the form of a haiku.
Including medical conditions, religious beliefs, phobias, and outstanding arrest warrants in the state of Ohio.